Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Creative License Friday on Wednesday...

well, at least I made it before the deadline ; )

This week's photo challenge for Creative License Friday was provided by Kerrie @ THE RAGAMUFFIN.  Kerrie provided this wonderful image of an Australian water dragon.

As it is a water dragon, I decided to send it on a little vacation up the California coast to the Pt. Arena Light house. It really seems to be enjoying the view from the cliff.

Here is what I did for my edit:
I edited both photos using the Topaz Simplify plug-in with these settings:
-Painting => Painting IV =>Finishing Touches => Transparency at 45% => Global Adjustment => Adjust => Dynamics at 125% => Structural Boost 125%

Then I horizontally flipped the position of the dragon and layered it onto the light house photo.
Next, I used the paint brush to remove the background from the dragon photo. And that was it!

Now it is time to see what everyone else has created with their edits over at


  1. this is SOOOOOOOOOO perfect-O -- so cool and if I was a lizard - that's a Perfect place to be...
    Super editing..

  2. It's like a "Where Is Waldo" photo! I love it!! I've got to learn to do this!

  3. Oh Cathy :) I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how you had edited my photo. I'm lost for words! Remarkable Photo Art by you!!! Thank you also for explaining the editing process which is very helpful. I'm having so much fun and learning so much from the kindness of others who are willing to share how to edit photos. Again thank you!

  4. Gorgeous -- you are such an artist. xo