Friday, February 17, 2012

Edit Me Challenge #7

I enjoy editing other people's photos, but have to admit that I am no good at editing photos of people. So, I got excited about the landscape photo up for edit over at Edit Me.

This week's photo was provided by Rosie at Leavesnbloom Studio. I really enjoyed the subject matter and the landscape in this photo. In the final stage of editing I gave it a raised effect to make it look like a painting, which is what it reminded me of when I first set eyes on it. Here is my go at it.

I started off using French Kiss textures Dandelion Fuzz and Dirt to lighten up the photo and give it a painterly effect. Then I adjusted the levels, brightness, and used a define/sharpen action by Texas Chicks. And lastly, I used Shadow House Creation's texture, Raised Effect 1 to give the appearance of being a painting.

Edit Me

Wow! I am honored to be chosen the winner!

Edit Me