Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Texture Tuesday ~ The Posey eDition

I planned on getting my Texture Tuesday posey photo when I went up to Mt. Diablo on Monday. I had gone to Mt. Diablo in the middle of the summer last year, and there were some huge thistle flowers, only they were dried up already. So I thought perhaps I could go early in the summer and catch them while they were all purple and freshly blooming, but still I was too late. Not only were they dried up already, they were really scarce. I only found one small clump of them, while last year they were everywhere to be found. Well, they were still beautiful in their dried up state, and looked even lovelier when I added Kim Klassen's textures to them. Here is what I was able to capture of the thistles.

On this photo I only used Kim's new texture, Reverie. I like how it lightened and softened the photo.

Textures used: Serendipity, Mayzee, & Reverie

Textures used: Serendipity & Reverie

Textures used: Serendipity & Reverie

I got to Mt. Diablo early in the morning, and the birds were quite active. They sounded so beautiful, I had to capture the sound on a video. This video was captured on one of my old Kodak cameras, it only has 6 mps, so the visual quality isn't so great, but the sound of the birds is pretty amazing, it is just a quick sample of what I heard at one of my favorite places on Mt. Diablo.

On the way out of the park, I saw this tree and grazing horses. I couldn't resist getting a few more shots before I left for home.

Well, that was my visit to Mt. Diablo in a nutshell : )
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  1. Beautiful photos. The dry thistle flowers are fantastic.


  2. Your spiky thistles are beautiful in their 'dead' state. I love the contrast of their sharp spikes with their beautiful soft, warm colour, and I enjoyed listening to the birds very much.

  3. ...had many a fine walk up on Mt. Diablo in years past....deja vu all over again....thanks for the memories!
    Stopping by to visit via the Texture Tuesday crowd ~ love what you've done with your photos :>]]

  4. I like these pictures, there is something intresting in them.

  5. I love those thistle heads...they are so photogenic and adding Kim's texture just made them even more interesting. And that pic of the tree and the cow, brilliant, love the composition!!