Monday, May 7, 2012

Moving Pictures Monday...Soaring

Yay! It's Moving Pictures Monday over at georgia b.'s blog. I have loved making moving pictures since the first day I discovered them here at it's just how i see things and here at My Heart Art by Geri. I really thought it was too complicated for me to learn. Plus, I don't have CS5 so I thought that would hinder my learning to do it also. But fear not, it was just as easy to do in Elements9!!! I was like a child at Christmas when I found out how to make a moving picture, also known as a GIF. Now I'm hooked on moving pictures!

This week's theme is Food, but circumstances didn't allow me to use the props I bought for my moving picture, so I went with some photos I captured last month. Although...hmmm, I do suppose it could be food to some creatures in the food chain. Anyway, here is my moving picture for this week, I named it Soaring : )

Time to get posting over at...


  1. AWESOME! i really really love it. it would be perfect for next week's theme... creatures!

    i love how it look similar to the bird mobile gif below it! i'm a bird freak, so i really like what you did this week! and i love the framing you used.

    you have been my most faithful contributor, and i am so grateful for it! it's evident that you love to do these, because i can really tell from what you produce each week that you have so much fun with it. that makes me happy! and i'm glad you find it easy to do, as far as the technical side goes. they are addicting, no? it's like, once you do one, you realize that the possibilities are really endless and you could keep making more and more!

    yay! thanks for the shout out, too... for encouraging others to try it. i was getting ready to call it quits on the link-ups, but if there even just a couple who enjoy it and want to participate, it's worth it!

    always looking forward to what you will do next...

  2. so tiny! they look like flying saucers, silly thought right? I always like your moving pics, they are fun to look at.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  3. Just joined up to follow you...LOVE this bird moving picture. So the tones.