Monday, May 14, 2012

Moving Pictures Monday~Creatures

There's nothing like starting the week with a fun project! This week's optional theme for Moving Pictures Monday is Creatures! I was hoping to come across some kind of creepy creature to play around with for this theme, but I had no such luck :( Therefore, I decided to go to my archives, and found these pictures of jellyfish at an aquarium I visited back in February. I decided they would do just fine (just excuse the grain please).

If you want to do a fun project, but need instructions on how to make a moving picture, aka gif, go over to georgia b.'s blog, it's just how i see things. She'll fix you up!

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  1. oh, wow!

    what amazing color! you're right... they work perfectly for moving pictures! it seems like you took them just for this. i get a real sense of being right there in front of the aquarium. i don't normally think of jellyfish as beautiful... but these are! LOVE what you did for the theme this week!

    as always... THANKS!

    1. thanks georgia! if i had known at the time they would be used for a moving picture, i would have brought my monopod. they really are so graceful and beautiful.

  2. Hi Cathy, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind words. I assumed you were a food blogger and had a lovely surprise when I got here. I love photography but still have so much to learn. Your blog is an eye opener for me. The things you do with Picmonkey are amazing - I use it too but have so far been quite timid and not very exploratory. I hope to one day step outside of the kitchen with my camera and 'paint' with it as beautifully as you do. I'd also like to personally invite you to participate in my upcoming giveaway as I'm really looking forward to giving 3 winners a copy of my adorable new cookbook, so I do hope you will participate!

  3. I'm always fascinated by jellyfish, they look alive and yet at the same time, they seem to be objects instead of something living.

    great shots. I like the mustard-color of the jellyfishes.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  4. Lovely, lovely pics of the jellyfish...they are so delightful and you captured them brilliantly!!