Monday, April 16, 2012

Moving Pictures Monday

I went out Saturday looking for shadows to take photos for Moving Pictures Monday , and I was drawn to the dancing shadows of a tree.  It was high noon and the sun was shining through the frondish leaves, casting a feathery and wispy bokeh type shadow. It looked so delicate and beautiful, I just had to capture it in my moving picture. Sadly it didn't translate so well into pictures : (
I was happy with the ant action going on in the bottom left corner though : )

I tried capturing the same bokeh shadow again, but still no luck.

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed, but I'm still happy with the final results,
so I'm posting over at

Click on the link below to get directions on how to make moving pictures...


  1. oh, no cathy!... i disagree. i think it translated very nicely! i felt as i was standing right there and could almost hear the breeze that was causing the trees to move and thus make the dancing shadows. i LOVE dancing shadows created by the wind/breeze. i have them on the floor of my living room through the big picture window every afternoon when the sun comes filtering in through the large maple that is just outside it. it is the coolest effect, and i always wish i could capture it on camera... and now, with moving pictures, i sort of can!

    i love that you did the color and black and white. the photos in the color animation remind me a lot of the old botanical drawing prints. and yes... the ant action going on is pretty cool! if only they knew they were the star attraction of a moving picture by cathy! =)

    they don't have one bit of stage fright. =)

    as always, very well done! you always bring a fresh perspective... something i would not have thought of. thanks! and thanks for participating as always!

  2. p.s.
    remind me to tell you a tip about how to make it appear as though your camera was fixed {not moving, even slightly}, even if it was moving a bit... by shifting layers and cropping your p.s. image, it can be done. i did it with my moving picture this week. it's a nice trick to use when you don't have a tripod handy, but want the effect. maybe i'll do a tutorial post on it.

    1. thanks georgia! a tutorial would be nice. that little bit of movement drives me batty : )

  3. These are beautiful - Sorry I didn't participate this week. It seems there's always so much going on!

  4. I think the one with the ant is pretty good. I also like the colors in the second one. they remind old silent films.

    hope you have a sweet day.