Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moving Pictures Monday on Tuesday : )

I came upon this bird after spending the morning walking in the woods looking for things in nature to photograph. I thought I'd found a few good subjects for Moving Pictures Monday, and was ready to call it a day. On my way to the car is when I came across this bird and its buddy. They were going about their business and couldn't be bothered by me. I decided to take advantage of the moment and capture them. I steadied my camera on the top of a trash container, and started shooting. I think they were gathering material for their nests, but maybe not.  I love photographs of birds, but don't have the proper lens to capture them from afar. Usually I scare them off by the time I focus my lens, so I was really excited that they didn't mind my presence. Here is one of them busily taking apart a spent dandelion.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”  

~ Robert Brault

The theme for this weeks Moving Pictures Monday over at it's just how i see things is Words. I didn't incorporate the words in my moving picture, but I did put them above it. It is a quote I saw floating around the blog world this week. It truly was a small wonder to have these birds so close and still going about their business, but for me it was also a really big thing.

P.S. Here is the other bird. It is a bit darker and plumper, so perhaps it is a she and is getting the nest ready to lay her eggs.

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Hope to see you there : )


  1. That's a good one. I always get excited when I get nature shots of animals, too.

  2. i've seen that quote before, and i love it!... as do i, your moving picture! wow. so sweet. i have a difficult time getting bird photos... even just one, let alone multiples for a moving picture. how cute is that little guy eating/pecking with his beak. nicely done, again!

    thanks for linking! i guess i should really reiterate that linking up is welcome all week long, hah? it sounds like it's only a monday thing because of the name. but you are always welcome to link up at any point. =)

  3. This is wonderful Cathy. Exactly how close were you two these 2 delightful birds? Moving pictures are such fun!

  4. nice capture. I like that you steady your camera on a trash container - you're very creative.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  5. I'm impressed.....I only have PSE, but I think I might try this. I had a good time visiting your blog.