Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Moving Pictures"

I'm excited about the new link-up challenge posted by Georgia B. over at It's just how I see things. Today she shared how to make "moving pictures" or better known as Gifs. I am always up for a new challenge when it comes to photography, but unfortunately I'm not computer savvy. So today, when Georgia B. posted her Photoshop directions, I was a bit lost, as I only have elements and couldn't figure it out for the life of me :( but then I remembered that someone once told me, "Google is your friend." Well I went straight to Google and found out how to make the moving picture/gif in Elements9. Here is the link to the directions that helped me, My Heart Art by Geri.

I was so excited when I learned how, I made two moving pictures with the photos I took yesterday!
I was sitting in my car eating a breakfast sandwich and having coffee when these cats appeared. They were too distracted by the nearby dogs to notice me. The white cat has one blue eye and one yellow eye. They turned out to be a great subject for my first moving picture : )

Here is my second moving picture. I was having some fun with my macro lense yesterday and was practicing with this spent dandelion.

Oh, I know I have a lot of work to do to improve on my moving pictures, but just learning how to do them was the first hurdle, next will be experimenting with different subjects. It is great should give it a try!

Time to link up to "Moving Pictures Monday."


  1. Those are great! Even if they weren't your first, they would be. I have Elements 9, also, and find it glitchy as to the time one can assign to each frame. But, other than that, it's fun.

  2. i think these are really great!... the first is the perfect subject, with the cats sitting and moving combined. and the second... lovely! how great would it have been if the wind had blown and some of the seeds blew away in one of the shots. that would have been serendipitous! i like how the viewer has a sense of getting closer, as you zoomed in on the shots. and i like how some are predominantly blurred and others are very crisp. beautiful macros! i just may have to try going with a macro moving picture one of these days. i've no tried that yet.

    thanks so much for participating and linking up on the first moving pictures monday!! i hope you'll be back. i think your m.p.'s will just keep getting cooler and cooler. and they are so much fun to do! glad you figured out how to do them in elements. in my tutorial, i had also posted a link to an online elements gif-making tutorial. it seemed basic. you could try candace's tip... double up one of the layers/frames to give the appearance of one longer frame, if you want to make one or more image show for longer than the others.

    well, thanks again!

  3. they're both very nice. I wonder what the white cat is thinking of.

    thank you for your visit. I hope you have a sweet day.

  4. Great shots! The cats are cool, but the Dandelion is my favourite:)

  5. Beautiful shots! And that's AMAZING!!! I didn't know you could make pictures move like that.

  6. I am clapping, can you hear me. Sometimes something like just stops me dead in my tracks, good for you for learning this new challenge!! Love the kitty shots!!

  7. Very cool! Isn't it fun? I just linked up with Moving Pictures Monday' second week. Hope to see you there, too.