Saturday, March 24, 2012

Edit Me 2012 - Week 12

Time to get posting! I'm always running late on the challenges. By the time I get them just right, I run out of time to post. So here is this week's photo challenge from Beth over at Snaps of Our Life. Please take the time to visit her site as she has some wonderful posts celebrating World Down Syndrome Day : )

Here is my Edit:

I was all ready to use some textures on this photo to bring out the lovely bokeh, but once I started playing with it, I realize the photo really didn't need them. So I stuck to basics when I worked on it, and here is what I did.
To achieve this edit, I...
-cloned the leaves at the top to replace the leaves at the bottom. A few branches were cloned out also.
-sharpened and defined using Texas Chicks action.
-cropped smaller to accent the berries and awesome bokeh.
-used the Rad Lab stylet "Prettizer" to bring out the colors.
-it had a bit of noise when I was done with it so I applied a gaussian blur filter and removed the blur over the berries, leaves, and some twigs.

If you love to edit photos, you should check out this group...just click below...

Edit Me

Thanks you for this week's photo challenge Beth!