Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In Search of Autumn

I love autumn! So after work on Friday, the first official day of autumn, I set out to see if I could capture some signs of it for the Texture Tuesday theme this week, LOVE. Living on the west coast it isn't such an easy thing to do, but I managed to capture a few autumnish pictures. Here is the acorn bouquet I brought home that evening.
It has two of Kim Klassen's textures, Mayzee and Stained Linen. It also has the Nelle Nero action, Warm Up. The leaves don't really look like oak leaves, rather more like holly leaves and just as prickly. Sure enough though, they are from a California oak.

Keeping with the theme of love, I decided to capture some heart bokeh while shooting some leaves that were starting to turn.
This photo also has two of Kim's textures, Mayzee and Luminous. I've been rather fond of the Mayzee texture lately : )

Just as I was getting ready to edit some photos for this post I received Kim's new texture, The Ladder, so I had to give it a go. I really liked the results.

This has a bit of an abstract background and I really like the painterly effect Kim's textures gave it. I used Mayzee and Serendipity.

I love playing around with different techniques in photography, so it was fun combining heart bokeh with textures. For anyone not familiar with how to make heart or shaped bokeh, when I have more time this weekend I will post some links I used to make it, and some tips I learned along the way. Until then...

Happy (Belated) Texture Tuesday!


  1. These are beautiful! I really enjoyed all the photos on your blog. I'll be back to visit again!

  2. Beautiful autumn pictures, I love the ligt on these!<3

  3. Love the use of the heart bokeh, and your texture application is gorgeous!

  4. Such beautiful autumn images! Perfect processing.