Monday, January 16, 2012

Texture Tuesday ~ Open

Wasn't sure what I would come up with for this weeks Texture Tuesday theme, Open. But when I was looking for flowers to buy last Saturday and saw some wax flowers that were open, I knew that's what it would be. A couple of weeks ago, I bought some wax flowers that were just buds, and I waited for them to open. I wasn't even sure what wax flowers looked like, so I googled them and they were so delicate and pretty. Well, I used the wax flower buds to take photos with my miniature vases, and was hoping they would open up eventually, but they didn't. They still looked beautiful though.

I divided the new bouquet, which was quite large, between some of my small vases and took some photos.

They looked so pretty, that I no longer keep all the small vases stored in a box in the closet, I put some of them on display to enjoy along with the wax flowers. So that is how the Texture Tuesday theme came to be : ) All the photos, except for the first one, were edited using various Kim Klassen textures.

I'm posting to the Texture Tuesday, Open eDition, see you there!



  1. I've never heard of wax flowers before. All of the photos you took (and textured) are beautiful. Great work!

    1. Ever so pretty, those dainty containers.
      Love the editing of all the images.

  2. These are lovely! I think the last one is my favorite...I do so love a narrow DOF.

  3. Such beautiful tiny flowers and so lovely. Your texture work is elegant!!

  4. These are really beautiful! The little vases and flowers are so charming and your processing of the photos is perfect!

  5. those are the sweetest little flowers... even when not open. and i love the vase you put them in. so unique. nicely done with the textures!

    i came via kk's texture tuesday... i've been trying to go see all the other entires... a little late, but better than never. =)
    following along, now, too.

  6. oops... meant to say "vases".
    is the vase in that first shot actually a vase?
    or was it originally used for something else?
    it's just such a different piece... i love it!

  7. hi georgia, i'm not really sure what it is, i found it at an estate sale and couldn't pass it up. it is quite small so i'm not sure what it was used for.

    p.s. thanks for the kind comments : )

  8. So lovely end elegant! :)
    { seen in Texture Tuesday }

  9. Hi Cathy . . .I love the work you've done here . . .beautiful, Teresa x

  10. Those little flowers are so pretty, Cathy, they have such gorgeous colors !
    Beautiful texture work and I love the one with the frame !
    Nice weekend,